27% of workers say they cannot fit a secondary activity into their schedule. These 3 flexible gigs can be a good choice


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There’s a reason so many people are rushing to get side jobs these days. Inflation has caused the cost of daily expenses to skyrocket, and now many people are struggling to maintain their purchasing power on the basis of their regular salary alone.

But even if you don’t have financial difficulties, it might still be to your advantage to have a little helping hand. On the one hand, that extra money could make it easier for you to spend more on your hobbies, take an extra vacation, or just have fun. Plus, the money from your side work could help you achieve key goals, like saving up to buy a home or finally paying off your credit cards.

One of the challenges that many people face when looking for a sideline is finding the time. In fact, in a recent Monster.com poll, 27% of people say they can’t find a side gig because their current schedule doesn’t allow it.

If you are in a similar boat, you will need to focus on side activities that are known to be flexible. Here are a few that are worth checking out.

1. Content, development or web design

Any side gig that doesn’t really require you to have a computer and an Internet connection is worth watching when you’re pressed for time. Often, these concerts will allow you to work at your own pace as long as you respect the deadlines that have been given to you.

For example, let’s say your hours at your main job are unpredictable, but you are able to find a blog that wants three new articles submitted each month. Even if each post takes an hour or two, there’s a good chance that with such a delay you can fit this work into your schedule, even if it’s quite busy.

2. Sell crafts online

When you’re constantly busy and on the go, you need downtime. Working in parallel could get you dangerously close to the point of exhaustion.

This is why selling crafts could be a good solution. Not only is it flexible work – you spend time on your designs when you have it available – but it might end up looking more like a hobby than a job. It could be a good thing for your sanity.

3. Driving for a VTC service

The advantage of driving passengers for cash is that you decide when you go to work. If there is a very busy week at your main job, you can just choose not to drive for the money. It is that simple. On the other hand, if your schedule magically frees up certain weeks, you can take on additional passengers for a more robust increase in your income.

What is the right concert for you?

Given the number of potential side activities, you don’t have to dismiss the idea of ​​having one just because you’re pressed for time. It’s worth exploring these flexible side gigs so you can reap the many benefits of an increased paycheck.

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