5 Post-Omicron Side Hustles That Could Win You Big

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When the omicron surge hit the United States at the end of 2021, it caught many people off guard. It also forced them to rethink different plans, from vacation trips to employment options.

At the end of 2021, obtain a side hustle was a harder thing to do for those reluctant to take on a non-aloof role. But now that the wave of omicron seems to be behind us, you might feel more comfortable taking on a gig that requires you to be around people. Here are five secondary scams that could put a lot of money in your pocket – or, more ideally, your Bank account.

1. Driving for a VTC service

The advantage of registering to drive a carpooling service is to take advantage of a flexible schedule. Want to work Tuesday nights only because you’re busy the rest of the week? Dark. Want to load up on passengers every weekend for a more noticeable income boost? This is also an option. And the friendlier and more accommodating you are to passengers, the more likely they are to tip generously.

2. Provide childcare in the evenings and on weekends

Many parents have struggled to find daycare since the pandemic began. If you’re willing to give up some evenings and weekends to babysit, you may be able to charge a fairly high hourly rate for your services.

3. Learn an instrument

Some people may have put things like music lessons on hold when the COVID-19 outbreak got worse. With lowercase numbers everywhere, maybe it’s time for people to pick up their old hobbies. Now is a good time to offer your services as a home music teacher. If you’re willing to go to people’s homes for classes, you may have a hard time finding students, especially if you’re willing to work with children.

4. Tutoring

Unfortunately, some students have fallen behind academically during the pandemic, especially in parts of the country where distance learning has been in place for a long time. If you have the skills and patience to become a tutor, you could earn a lot of money working with students of different ages. The demand for tutoring might especially increase during the summer, as parents might want to step in before the start of the next school year.

5. Be a tour guide

With COVID-19 cases declining and warmer weather approaching, tourism may soon resume. If you’re willing to spend your weekends as a tour guide, you could enjoy a generous salary – not to mention meeting loads of interesting people and maybe even learning something new about the town you’re in. live.

A side hustle could be your ticket to achieving your financial goals. Or, it could make it easier to keep track of your bills while inflation roars. All of these gigs are worth pursuing right now, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to interact with people and hang out.

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