6 On Your Side surveys are solving problems across Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Over the past few weeks, several viewers who felt they were at an impasse contacted 6 On your side to help.

So how did it all happen? 6 News looks back on these stories and gives an update.

When her car lease ended in February, Mary Kay O’Conner paid the winning amount to keep it, because in today’s market it would save her money.

But the title didn’t follow, leaving her to drive with expired tags.

6 On Your Side contacted the manufacturer’s loaner division and within days Mary got her tile and now her new license plate stickers.

“I didn’t know what the cause of the delay was, I didn’t know when I would receive it, and I was very grateful to hear from them after they aired the piece and the title was available and I went to get it ,” O’Conner said.

6 News delved into another issue of deep concern to a homeowner and her neighbors in northwest Omaha.

Recent heavy rains revealed an old septic tank right in her front yard. After the story aired, Omaha Rapid Response arrived with sand and gravel to fill the danger.

Usually the Nebraska-based team helps in disasters across the country, but this time responded to a danger in its own front yard.

Last Friday 6 news told you about a tow away from an Omaha driveway that was suspicious because the owner of the vehicle never asked for it.

It was all caught on a neighbour’s security camera.

The tow truck pulled a well-maintained 1998 Buick from a driveway near 60th and Q.

Kathie Knight feared it had been stolen. But less than an hour after the story appeared, the tow truck driver knocked on his door to apologize.

“There was actually a car here on 60th Street that was dead. So when he saw this car in the driveway, he thought it was the car, that they had pushed it into the driveway. driveway. What they did was push to 61st Street, but they didn’t tell the tow truck driver,” Knight said.

Her Buick Century looks no worse for wear and Kathie will have more than a story to tell for years to come.

“They apologized and said if I ever needed a free tow to call them, I’d get a free tow,” Knight said.

the Omaha Police Auto Theft Unit will always review the tow to see if the city’s notification process was followed.

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