Athene and Apollo acquire majority stake in $ 1 billion listed lending platform Aqua


Financial services firm Athene has acquired a controlling stake in a fund-backed consumer lending platform managed by leading investment firm Blackstone.

Aqua Finance’s subsequent assessment sees it hit the billion dollar mark.

Apollo estimates an annual execution rate of $ 80 billion of asset origination on its platforms, which cover commercial and consumer loans.

Apollo’s portfolio of proprietary origination platforms helps the company create high-quality recurring assets for its investors, including Athene.

Jim Belardi, CEO of Athene, highlighted how Aqua Finance is an exciting opportunity for Athene to invest in a leading consumer finance platform, provide capital and expertise to continue to grow. grow the business and execute our strategy with Apollo to invest in high quality origination platforms ”,

“We are delighted to partner with this new group of investors as we move into the next phase of Aqua expansion,” said Rich Morrin, President and CEO of Aqua.

“I am proud of the significant progress we have made in making Aqua an industry leader with Blackstone and look forward to building on this solid foundation in the years to come.”

“For more than three decades, Aqua has partnered with merchants to provide flexible consumer loan solutions, and with Athene, we look forward to investing in the business and supporting the Aqua team to leverage of this success, ”said Jim Zelter, co-chair of Apollo.

“For Apollo and Athene, Aqua is very complementary to our portfolio of diversified assembly platforms, extending our access to a flow of quality consumer loans. “

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