Caravan Canary Wharf, Caravan Restaurants London Other Side Design

Other side interior design studio and Caravan restaurants join forces at the brand’s Canary Wharf site to create an ‘idyllic retreat’ in the city’s central business district; Other Side founder Gavin Mayaveram says, “A simple neutral palette of raw, natural materials is warmed with Palm Springs-inspired finishes and textures. We added lush green tropical plants in the dividing walls and around the perimeter of the site to add texture and create that sanctuary feel.

The all-day dining restaurant seats 120 and offers breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, as well as their famous coffee and everything in between; workers and residents are encouraged to take time out of their day to enjoy great food and drink served with a wholesome side of good vibes.

Design elements include handcrafted bleached ash and woven cane for furniture and millwork, and rattan chairs and bar stools are used to complement the bespoke rattan ceiling in the private dining room of the restaurant. In the main dining room, a more industrial aesthetic is evoked by reclaimed upholstered chairs that sit alongside concrete tables with exposed pebbles and stone, while a central bank of upholstered booths allows diners to sit in the heart of the restaurant.

The design-led collective introduced soft lighting to create an inviting space, opting for perforated brass wall sconces and woven pendant lights to cast soft shadows on the surrounding walls and ceilings, with hanging pendant lights, lamps exposed table and lamps giving a sunny feel. ; particularly impactful when the interior transitions from day to night.

Located in the heart of Canary Wharf, next to Konstantin Grcic’s ‘Six Public Clocks’ installation, Caravan’s latest is a tropical treat for the capital’s financial hub.


Caravan Canary Wharf, Caravan Restaurants London by Other Side Design
Caravan Canary Wharf, Caravan Restaurants London by Other Side Design

Canary Wharf Caravan Photography, Ola O’Smit / Issy Croker / Kantaros Bank / Memphis Medium; courtesy of the other side.

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