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Emily Blaylock leads the country in TIF loans, in more ways than one.

Blaylock is president of Untamed Equity, a new company in the financial sector. While working at Northwest Bank & Trust, Blaylock attended the Stonier Graduate School of Banking at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. His flagship project centered on TIF loans, which led the charge for the Untamed Equity idea.

“We started building from that and came up with a whole new idea of ​​building from economic development needs,” she said.

A TIF, or tax increment financing, raises taxes for a specific geographic area and reinvests the money back into the space. Blaylock said that usually the municipality will reimburse the developer as the money comes in. Depending on the duration of the TIF, this can take years.

Untamed Equity, she said, will analyze TIFs and the money they could generate. The company will then lend the money to the developer in the form of a lump sum, which will help companies that cannot cover the equity of the pay-as-you-go format.

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“I would say we are leading the market in terms of building a comprehensive program around TIF loans,” she said.

Joe Slavins, chairman of Northwest Bank & Trust, is a minority owner and advisor to Untamed Equity. Developing a new business in the banking world is not a common feat, he said.

“Innovation in banking is quite a slow process,” Slavins said.

As a leader in the development of this industry, Blaylock has a lot to offer, Slavins said. On top of that, she leads the industry in another way; Blaylock is the first woman to own a TIF loan business.

Some banks offer TIF loans, but due to their extensive nature, such banks are rare, they said. Blaylock said offering a TIF loan means the company has to look at the interested municipality and the interested developer and also consider the future of the site. Due to all the extra steps, few banks offer this service.

Slavins said this innovative look at funding is industry-leading.

“This is a new product and a new niche. We’re here to push our way through the jungle to make sure this is something that can be replicated for our customers,” he said. -he declares.

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