Dillon Danis gives his side of the bouncer incident

Dillon Danis has finally opened up about the viral incident that marked a New Jersey bouncer from free jiu-jitsu classes, courtesy of Tom Deblass.

Danis was supposed to be in court today on the disorder charge. However, the date has been postponed as his legal team continues to develop the case. He denies ever telling the bouncer to google him. In fact, according to Danis’ account, it was the bouncer who was arrogant, with Danis even offering his US passport for identification,

“What’s funny is he says i showed him google images… I showed him my passport, and I showed him my vaccination card. I was like, ‘Bro, listen. I just don’t have my wallet with me because we were taking pictures. I am in a marriage. I was in a suit, no pockets or anything. He’s like ‘Oh, f—. You think you can do whatever you want. I know who you are.’ I’m like ‘Fro, that’s no use. I have a drink with my friend and his family, then we leave.

Danis then clarified questions regarding the knee brace he was wearing during the altercation, stating that his first knee surgery had failed and that he had recently had a second follow-up operation, with the doctor not allowing any walks without crutches. I am not allowed to move. I am standing on the promenade. I would have left… And then these guys started to be confrontational.

Then they bring a bunch of bartenders from inside, and it’s like 9 people, I swear to God, and they surround me …

And I’m in a good mood. I’m trying to get girls whatever, I’m cool… And these guys are like, so selfish. They were just trying to fight me like, ‘You talk about all this ****.’ So they surround me and I think there are 9 of them. So I’m like ‘Yo, just don’t nobody touch me and we don’t have a problem. I am not allowed to move, I am on crutches. And I can’t go into too many details as it’s still under investigation. He’s under a criminal investigation, there’s no court yet, we haven’t been to court yet.

At this point, Dillon says, is when the bar staff got physical with him and the fighting started, “So this guy keeps hitting me in the head and he’s like, ‘Yo, what if I touch you. “ and I was like ‘Come on. Yo. Boyfriend. Stop. I’m trying to have fun, please don’t do this. and he’s like “Okay, I’ll do it again. “ and he keeps hitting me on the forehead. And he says’ what if I touch you? What are you going to do about this? ‘ And I was like okay, let’s go.

Then a fight ensued. I can’t move so I’m on crutches and whatever. Two of them hold my arms and I try to hit the guy, but they all try to tackle me. Two guys are trying to knock me down like a double leg. And I have a brace, they can’t shoot me. Two guys hold my arms.

Danis says that was when the bouncer jumped on his back, but Danis felt like he was a police officer, “And then this guy just jumped on my back and they’re like ‘Yo, you’re under arrest. Stop fighting.‘I was like’ okay I’m fine. ‘ I’m not going to fight a cop, I’m not stupid. He said to me, ‘Yo, you’re under arrest. You are under arrest.’ I was like ‘okay, cool, whatever. I already have what I had to do. I’m fine. We are all good. He shouts in my ear, ‘You keep resisting. [Move] your hands and watch what happens.

Anyone who knows jiu-jitsu or whatever, you can see my arms in the air. I’m like ‘okay, I’m fine.’ It’s like ‘you’re under arrest.’ and the crazy part is, it’s like a 300-400 pound guy and I’m 190 and he jumps on my back like that from behind, so I thought he was a cop. I’m like, ‘Yo, my arms in the air. I don’t know why he doesn’t stop me. What the hell is happening?’

Danis says he only spent about 20 minutes in jail: “They dropped that right away because cops are fans and stuff like that. All the cops were on my side. I thought it was a cop… They put me there for about twenty minutes. The cop drove us to another party.

“The craziest part about this guy was that he wasn’t involved in any of this. These guys were trying to bring me down. They couldn’t get me down and that fucking big 400 pound slob jumps on my back and I’m on one leg… And now he’s walking around like he’s a tough man and— like that. But he’s in trouble for pretending to be an officer, there’s a whole thing, he’s going to court. He will be taken care of. “

Danis responded to speakers online and thanked Mike Perry for his words of support: “Jon Jones is celebrating this and looking at what happened to him. This m—– f—– is a female drummer. I’ve never got a hold of a woman in my life. He hits his wife, his kid called the cops on him. I protect my friends from the stupid Jersey Shore bouncers who try to prey on them and Jon Jones lashes out at me. Look at Chuck Liddell, the same just happened to him… The only person supporting me in the MMA community was Mike Perry, and we don’t even know each other. He posted his story saying ‘what do you want him to fight a cop?’ “

For Danis’ full interview, skip to the hour and 34 minutes of Ariel Helwani’s “The MMA Hour” available on YouTube.

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