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After announcing that discussions were underway earlier this year and tease feature on twitter, Discord now introduces the much-requested way to make conversations on live servers more understandable.

Starting today, any server with enabled “community” features will be able to turn messages into wired conversations on mobile and desktop. Discussion threads are referred to by their own topic name, making it easy to compartmentalize an off-topic idea into its own mini-conversation.

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Channel members can create a discussion thread by selecting a new hashtag symbol that now appears in the context menu when they hover over posts or by tapping the plus sign in the chat bar and choosing “create thread. of discussing “. The feature will be enabled automatically on all servers by August 17th.

“[W]We wanted to help communities stay engaged while not having to interrupt the conversation to keep the organization going, ”the company wrote in a blog post announcing the feature, noting that jumping to a new, high-traffic channel can“ have the impression of walking in the middle of three different films. . “Discord introduced Responses last year to ease the flow of conversations; threads is an extension of that same idea.

From the stream of a channel, Discord’s new discussion threads open in a split-view pane instead of taking over full screen, naturally serving as side conversations. Discussion topics will also appear in the channel list and open full screen if selected in the channel list.

Discord thread on plants

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Threads will automatically be archived after 24 hours of inactivity – a good way to prevent channels from becoming cluttered with off-topic or urgent discussions. Boosted servers can keep a thread for a week instead of a single day, giving channel members more time to engage in meaningful side conversations.

Servers boosted by premium Discord features will also be able to create private discussion threads that do not appear in the channel list. Private discussion threads only appear to users who are added to them manually or mentioned by name in a discussion thread.

Discord has designed private discussion threads so that users can have group conversations without adding each person in the conversation as a friend, a feature that can be a boon for moderators looking to more easily have live chats. one-on-one or in a small group.

Discord private thread

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Moderators will also be able to designate who can create discussion threads within a channel. Channel members can be allowed to use private discussion threads, manage discussion threads or just use public discussion threads (“send messages” must be enabled to allow them to create new discussion threads ). Threads will work the same as normal channels for moderation bots.

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