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ORLANDO, Fla. July 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Exciting news from the profiled company Pennexx Foods Inc. (Other OTC: PNNX), a technology company in the software / internet and fintech industries that has given the market a little-seen insight into their market strata.

It is worth revisiting.

In a very recent press release, the Company confirmed that it had indeed had its second consecutive quarter of profitability and expects to have outstanding performance in the third and fourth quarters of this year.

Profitability is no small feat for companies on this exchange and a profitable second quarter consecutively suggests that the first was not an anomaly and that a trend could form. The company stating in writing that it expects “breakout performance” over the next two quarters could be even more exciting.

Kinda makes you want to see this annual report next year, doesn’t it?

And despite the warm blurs generated by the above, there was one more line that we thought stood out.

From the same version:

“They also forecast a dramatic increase in the number of registered users at https://yoursocialoffers.com (YSO).”

This means that one of the Company’s real profit drivers is expected to expand dramatically. You do the math on your own board to find out what that might mean.

Even further down in the version are two nuggets that frankly could have been stand-alone subjects for a Emerging Markets Report.

Two extracts:

“Organic growth without having to raise significant funds during this phase of the business proves the commercial viability of the Social Media Deals and Coupon (YSO) platform and reduces any need for stock dilution by maintaining the shareholder value at a high level. “

He’s absolutely right and as seasoned small and micro-capital reporters we can tell you that predatory funding and the dilution that follows is some of the biggest, if not the biggest, enemy of success.

And that…

“Pennexx is on track to meet its targets set earlier this year, which should increase the value of the company, including becoming fully audited and transferred to the OTCQB. “

Fully audited and bottom-up to ‘QB are massive improvements for Pennexx. As we mentioned before, reaching the OTCQB historically positions companies for better loan proposals and makes them available to a much broader class of brokers and investors, not to mention the benefits. inherent in transparency for all concerned.

It doesn’t hurt that all of this envisioned success aligns with a company coming out of two great quarters with very high expectations for the next two.

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