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What do you get when you combine two financially-minded mortgage veterans with a passion for community and a few pops of yellow and blue? The answer is Envoy Mortgage – a local lending option now open in the Manhattan borough.

The company offers a personalized mortgage experience with easy access to a team of loan originators who live locally and are dedicated to financially educating the community to improve the lives of local New Yorkers.

“Being able to offer a personalized approach is a powerful addition to this community in an area where big banks are the norm,” says Pat KeanCo-Branch Manager of the new Manhattan Envoy Mortgage branch with Jeff Silverman.

Although both are mortgage veterans and collectively bring 30 years of expertise, they work together like a well-oiled machine and are no strangers to the Empire State, hailing from the Bronx and Manhattan respectively.

This dynamic duo is focused on creating a smooth customer journey built on trust, while delivering exceptional customer service.

“What we want people to feel when they walk through our door is that they’ve had a unique and personalized experience, and even come away with more financial knowledge than when they started,” says Jeff. .

While Manhattan’s financial district is known as the epicenter of big banking, Envoy Mortgage tells a different story: unlike big banks that have earned a reputation for their often cold and aloof approach to banking, the Envoy team has built a customer-centric approach. that creates relationships – and even deeper friendships.

“We decided to focus exclusively on a very diverse set of retail mortgage products to ensure a business model that allows us to deliver a superior customer service experience to every customer and business partner who walks through our doors,” says Pat. .

Above all else, Pat and Jeff hope their branch can be of help to the people of Manhattan. “Not only are we entering a period of increased demand nationally, but we are also coming off the heels of a global pandemic,” the duo explain. I think our office is going to be a place where people start to understand how their finances can work for them in a big way. »

The phrase “Love Your Mortgage Experience” adorns the yellow and blue walls of Envoy Mortgage, showing that the dream of home ownership is possible for everyone. For more information, Click here.

Envoy Mortgage is located at 173 West 85th Street, New York, New York 10024.

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