Give your humble abode for movies and TV shows

As a reader of AG for Real Estate, we know that you might be a real estate professional, but you are also a likely owner (or have endless clientele who could benefit from the following information, so take advantage of it )!

In this housing market, whatever you’re looking for – whether it’s a tiny studio-style house or a 13-bed mansion with a guesthouse – you’re going to pay full price. This was the case for Mary Kay Seery (not to be confused with MLM) and her husband, Billy Seery, when they moved from the famous East Village in New York to a Victorian-style house in Brooklyn.

Their friends strongly questioned the decision, but Mary being a longtime real estate broker, she knew its underrated value, especially when it came to directing it for use in movies or shows. television broadcasts as a secondary activity. Their house played in Girls on HBO, Laura’s mysteries on NBC, The Affair Season 3 on Showtime, and many more.

“I’m sure we’ve won over $ 500,000 so far. The house was purchased for $ 490,000.

“While state film commissions have increasingly negotiated relationships between landowners and filmmakers, and scouting agencies will buy your property for a fee, many, if not most, production companies are doing so. the old one. You can’t find them. They find you.

For example, an anonymous flyer was dropped into the mailbox of a Chicago home in June 2019. The owners, Rian Akey and Shaun Kane, immediately responded to the scout, but had no response for the shooting only in September of the same year. Turns out the team wanted to turn the living room of their 1885 Queen Anne home into the Smutny Funeral Home for the FX crime drama. Fargo Season 4.

Once accepted, the team quickly transformed the heart of their home, adding tobacco-stained wallpaper, a swinging front door, folding chairs and planters, and finally… the casket.

“We had a coffin in our living room for almost a year.”

Due to the nondisclosure agreements, which are the norm between the owners and the site manager, Kane and Akey were unable to disclose the payment they received for the entire 11 trial. month. What we do know is that the initial cost of using the location is tied to syndicate fees, production size, pre and post renovation, and length of shoot.

Other stories are following suit across the United States. Carroll Belser, who resides at Sunnyside Plantation in Edisto Island, SC has seen his family home inherited from 1875 transform to Notebook, LL Bean’s photo shoots, Short term rental TV driver, and more. In Prospect Park South, New York, Ms McFeely has cleared her home to be the filming location of A price higher than rubies, Demi Nelson, The best man, and The great Gilly Hopkins.

The owners warn that there may be incidents during the filming process. Floors tend to become badly worn from foot traffic, the crew may want to shoot in a room not originally specified, or the shoot may be extended for a longer period than originally agreed.

However, Ms. Seery says follow-up repairs usually get things right, but to “make sure you have a good relationship with the site manager” and to request additional payment if necessary.

Still interested in the crush and ready to offer your humble abode to be part of the magic of cinema? Contact your local government film and television office to register your home as suitable for production. You can also use online databases to list your Airbnb-like home, like LocationsHub, Reel to Reel locations, or Set Scouter. You may also get lucky and have a scout contact you with interest in using your home.

All this to say that using your home for movies or television can be “lucrative, but also disruptive”. Be prepared to renovate your floors, be accommodated in a hotel, and moviegoers snapping photos on your porch for years to come. Finally, you should be able to watch the movie or show it to see someone “die” in the corner of your living room or take a pregnancy test in your bathroom.

If you can handle it all, let the cast, crew, and CASH come into play!

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