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Today’s world is very different from that of a few years ago. Aside from the pandemic, the rapid changes taking place globally are incredible. For many, the onset of the global pandemic led to disaster, corporate bankruptcy, and the difficulty of finding a way forward. Yet for other businesses and entrepreneurs, weathering this storm is not as difficult. This is because they have multiple sources of income, diverse enough to withstand virtually most types of ups and downs. Series entrepreneur Jonte Wells has worked hard to develop a path that not only enables him to withstand these challenges, but helps others to do the same.

The value of multiple sources of income

Jonte has built several successful businesses throughout his career. Including Bigger athletics and Greater Purpose Management, the two axes of its time now. The two sources of income create opportunities to support each other and allow Jonte to build his success.

Why is it useful to have two or more sources of income? There are several reasons. Jonte says, “I started in downtown Chicago with few opportunities to be successful. I did not have access to support facilities to support my growth. I knew then that I wanted to do more than just play basketball. I wanted to be successful as an entrepreneur and then bring that success back to my community to support others.

Having more than one source of income makes this type of aspiration possible. The pandemic can cause hardship for some businesses, such as how the restaurant industry was hit hard without access to customers during the pandemic. Yet for grocers it was a gold mine, as it was for those able to provide digital service to their customers.

The same goes for young athletes who want to do well. “You can and should focus on developing your skills in the field, but you also have to work on brand management in parallel, as that will help you create more than one way to make money. “

He continues: “What we do with Management of higher objectives provides these young superstars with the information and support they need early on, services that I didn’t have so that they have a better chance of long-term success and growth.

Jonte, known for his basketball career and for both Greater Purpose Athletics and Greater Purpose Management, is also in real estate. He has created a successful portfolio of many properties and is returning homes all year round. On top of that, he also started Sugaring NYC, an organic waxing studio.

It was the combination of each of these companies that enabled him to build a wealthy empire. Now he is empowered by being able to focus on helping others. This is exactly what it does for athletes looking for a path in this industry.

What is holding back today’s entrepreneurs?

Those who want to open a business face more obstacles today than ever before. They face complications from the pandemic itself, such as fewer routes to traditional commercial positions. For some, the cost of living and the expenses of daily living limit the reach of a potential entrepreneur. Even in a modern world, a person living in downtown Chicago will have a hard time finding a way out, a way to build on an idea or skill that has real profitability.

Along with these barriers come other barriers – lack of access to support systems and mentoring being one. Without guidance and support, it becomes difficult for anyone, regardless of where they live, to move forward.

Support the young entrepreneur

For Jonte Wells, the focus is not just on anyone who wants to start a business, but on young athletes in downtown Chicago and beyond who have skills and talents that they are not. able to fully use to bring them into a stronger future. For example, Jonte himself started his path to serial entrepreneurship as a young athlete. He didn’t have access to a sports facility or a mentor to help him get to the field and develop his skills – and be recognized for it. Today he is nicknamed “the basketball guy” when he visits his clients, all of whom are young athletes looking for careers in sports or fitness. These people come from some of the most difficult backgrounds, but they have skills, inspiration and talent. Its goal is to provide them with a way forward.

Creating higher utility management focuses on providing opportunities

Jonte’s latest company is Greater Purpose Management. It is designed to support those who need it most in a positive and motivating way. However, it’s not just about finding a way into the world of sports through the NCAA or professional basketball. He works directly with young athletes to help them find their passion and builds their skills to build a brand and image from there.

He says, “We work with the athletes to make sure their performance on the pitch is the best. Then we give them the opportunity to stand out so that they can not only be successful on the pitch, but also in many opportunities off the pitch. Having multiple sources of income allows these people to gain confidence no matter what happens in their future.

He says: “We are very active in our talent management. We treat everyone like family, not just at the gym. We support them with what they need, athlete management services at work as a marketing agency to help them grow on social media and digitally, creating opportunities for their future.

Jonte didn’t have a straightforward path to success as a young athlete trying to find his way in Chicago. Yet he has worked hard to create a business model that provides him with many sources of income, allowing him not only to be successful for himself, but also to give back to the community.

Speaking about Greater Purpose Management, Jonte says, “We make sure that you are informed about your financial assets, your legal rights and post-career options. With this knowledge, we empower you to generate multiple sources of income, creating opportunities for your future long after you leave court. “

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