I Make Money Online – A Little-Known Hustle From Amazon Takes Just Minutes A Day And Makes $20,000 A Month

A CONTENT creator has shared how you can earn thousands online by pursuing an Amazon side hustle.

Influencer Monique Hilton has revealed that you can make extra money by designing word search books.


Content creator Monique Hilton shared a step-by-step guide on how to create puzzle books onlineCredit: YouTube/Journey With The Hintons
She revealed how many puzzle books are sold on sites such as Amazon


She revealed how many puzzle books are sold on sites such as AmazonCredit: YouTube/Journey With The Hintons

In a Youtube clip, she said the puzzles can be designed using the online tool Book Bolt.

She also revealed that the program can be used to create journals and notebooks.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not arty because books can be designed in minutes.

In his tutorial, Hilton recommended installing the Google Chrome KDP Spy extension on his browser.

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It lets users know which books are doing well and how much sellers are raking in.

A salesperson was making around $20,000 a month after whipping up a word-search puzzle book designed for adults.

Others raised over a thousand dollars in a month.

Monique explained that families will be looking for puzzle books as the holidays approach, urging people to take advantage of the demand.

She said, “I’m trying to give you all the keys to succeed in this thing.”

She revealed that Book Bolt users will be able to see which categories perform best.

Monique said: “It’s something that has the potential to add a lot of money to your account each month.

“I’m not going to lie to you and say everyone is going to get it.

“If you really put in the work and get what people are looking for, I think you should be successful.

“I can’t guarantee it, but I believe you will start to see results.”


In her tutorial, Monique explained the process of creating a puzzle book from scratch.

Americans planning to pursue the side hustle will have to shell out $19.99 per month, but Monique has shared her coupon code which can get 20% off.

Dozens of viewers called the sideways fuss “creative.”

One fan said, “I look forward to creating quality books that customers are looking for.”

Another praised Monique for the step-by-step guide she described.

The influencer also shared a simple hack to create fun coloring books.

Meanwhile, we covered how piano teacher Jacques Hopkins was making up to $30,000 a month after turning his music-inspired side-hustle into his full-time career.

He managed to reduce his admin time to 10 minutes a day despite his huge income.

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