Impresa Financial intends to acquire an independent loan company

Impresa Financial seeks to invest in a direct lending business and devote all of its efforts to the long-term success of the combined entity. Impresa is a vertical brokerage firm that funds automated technology solutions.

Impresa is particularly interested in US-based companies that have full or partial direct lending capabilities and a proven track record of profitability and growth. Ideal businesses will have an annual net income between $400,000 and $5 million.

Impresa’s management team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs who previously founded and built a successful fintech company, a large technology services practice and a private equity fund. Its private equity track record led to Impresa’s strategic decision to acquire a complementary lending business.

“Our main vertical, self-service technology and the retail/vending industry, is growing rapidly. We also believe this is a very exciting time for equipment finance companies,” said Impresa CEO Kelly Bianucci. “Now is the perfect time to combine our vendor/customer focused product team with a group of seasoned direct lending professionals. By bringing this super team together and investing capital in its growth, we can fundamentally transform the way technology equipment purchases are financed.

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