Lima One Capital acquires the residential investor lending business of RealtyShares

Few months ago, RealtyShares, which bills itself as the “first online marketplace for real estate investment”, has bought its biggest rival, Acquire real estate.

Both companies offer crowdfunding investments in commercial and multi-family real estate, but RealtyShares’s business is different as it also offers investments in single-family residential housing for fix and flip loans and construction loans. .

Ultimately, this acquisition provided a clue to the future of RealtyShares as the company sells its residential lending business and plans to focus entirely on commercial and multi-family lending instead.

At the end of last week, Lima a capital, a lender for residential real estate investors, announced the acquisition of the residential lending business of RealtyShares.

According to a statement from Lima One Capital, he started working with RealtyShares as an institutional investor earlier this year. Lima One said the “quality of transactions” on RealtyShares’ platform prompted her to initially partner with the company.

And now Lima One is purchasing the residential lending business of RealtyShares, which will allow the company to expand its core business, providing financing to residential real estate investors.

The company currently offers several different loan programs, including a 30-year, fixed rate, fully amortizing loan for homeowners who are purchasing or refinancing residential rental properties; a 13-month bridging loan for investors buying and rehabilitating properties; and a multi-family program for the purchase or refinancing of more than 5 properties to repair and reverse.

“RealtyShares has built a strong business in the residential real estate investor finance industry by providing high quality loans that enable borrowers to earn significant profits,” said Lima One Capital CEO and Founder John Warren.

“Lima One Capital shares these characteristics,” Warren continued. “We look forward to working with their clients across the country who have become accustomed to flexible loan products and exceptional customer service. “

According to the companies, Lima One Capital will continue to work closely with RealtyShares, using its “large pool of borrowers” to seek residential transactions that meet the lending standards of both companies.

For RealtyShares, the deal allows the company to focus on growing its multi-family, office, retail, industrial and other lending businesses.

“Lima One Capital has built an impressive track record, and this partnership will bring quality and diverse opportunities to our sponsors and investors,” said Nav Athwal, CEO of RealtyShares. “By working with one of the top residential real estate investment lenders in the United States, RealtyShares will continue to be a diversified real estate investment platform providing a wide range of options to our investors while creating technology solutions. top-notch for procurement and underwriting. commercial agreements.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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