Logan Mwangi’s mother’s parenting was ‘a bit strict’, witness says in murder trial – live updates

‘You lied to me, you said he was still alive’

On July 31, 2021, witness Jodie Simmonds learned that Logan had died after being found in the river and called Angharad Williamson.

The witness said: “She said, ‘Yes, that’s Logan – what do you know?’. She was upset and crying. I was upset and also crying because I couldn’t believe the news… I said all I was told was that he was found in the river.

“She said she had to go ID Logan’s body and call later…I was extremely upset.”

Prosecutor Caroline Rees QC said: ‘What did you think of Angharad’s reactions?

Ms Simmonds said: ‘I thought it was weird – I wouldn’t take phone calls if it was my son. She asked me what I had heard and if I had heard any news about what happened to Logan and I told her that I hadn’t heard anything.

Ms Simmonds and her then-partner Daniel O’Brien visited Williamson and John Cole in Maesglas.

She said: “Angharad was sitting on the second set of stairs to the property…I put my arms around her, kissed her and cried with her…

“I thought she said [Logan] was covered in blood. I asked her to repeat herself and she said, ‘He’s still covered in mud’…

“She said her baby boy was gone. She was very hysterical.

Ms. Rees said: “And Jay (Cole)?”

Ms Simmonds said: ‘He was standing in the living room as I interacted with Angharad. After hugging Angharad, I turned to Jay… Angharad asked me to take him to the property to get a purse and some medicine… [Jay] was pretty quiet.

“They asked what I had heard. I was told it was found near sewer lines… Angharad reacted quite hysterically when I said that, looked at Jay and said it was lies.

Ms Rees said: ‘Did Jay say anything about the circumstances of Logan’s discovery?

Ms Simmonds said: “No… [Jay] Explain [the youth] had seen Logan come out of the river… Angharad yelled at Jay and said, “You lied to me, you said he was still alive”.

Ms Rees said: ‘How did Jay respond to that?

Ms Simmonds said: “He said it would be written in his statement, he hadn’t lied and he didn’t know Logan was dead at the time.”

Ms Simmonds took Williamson to Lower Llansantffraid and an officer asked the defendant to sign paperwork and questioned him about a ‘serious injury’.

Ms Simmonds said: ‘I honestly believed [Logan] got lost and accidentally drowned in the river.

Ms Rees said: ‘How did Angharad react?

Ms Simmonds said: ‘She left and ran towards my vehicle. I waited for the medicine to be given to me and returned to the vehicle… I said to him: “What serious injuries are these?” …She said something was wrong… When I questioned her, she didn’t answer me. When I asked her if she had spoken to anyone about it, she replied: “Yes”.

Officers told Williamson she was not permitted to enter the property due to forensics.

Ms Simmonds said: ‘They said Logan had to be sent back from Bridgend to Cardiff – because he was so small they needed a special person to carry out the autopsy… [Williamson] got mad again and said, “Great, I don’t have a home and I have a dead son.”

“I felt quite panicked as the situation was quite volatile and asked the police if this was something they should decide now as they were quite angry.

“She asked what an autopsy was. I told her she didn’t need to know, but she said she wanted to go back to the hospital to get Logan dressed and bathed.

Williamson and Cole went upstairs to talk to the police and the youngster entered the room.

Describing her behavior, Ms Simmonds said: ‘Happy. He wanted to size up Dan (O’Brien) – he was standing there with his fists up and his chest out, as if to say, ‘Come on’. He was smiling, laughing, as if he were celebrating. I asked him to calm down and go back to the living room and he did.

Ms Simmonds described Williamson as upset and angry when she came downstairs and kicked the kitchen door. She told the witness that the police told her that the significant injuries were cuts and bruises on Logan’s body.

Ms Simmonds said: ‘She said she had to sign a form because it had seizure marks. I asked what she meant and Jay said, “Rolling in the rocks and the river”.

“At that moment, I knew something was wrong. Me and Dan exchanged several looks and I didn’t feel comfortable.

Ms Rees said: ‘What interaction was there between Angharad and Jay? Ms Simmonds said: “They hugged. Angharad looked normal.

Ms Rees said: ‘Did she say anything about how she felt for Logan?

Ms Simmonds said: ‘She said she missed punishing Logan, missed putting him in the naughty corner and he was mean. She said she almost yelled at him.

Ms Rees said: “How did you feel when she said that?”

Ms Simmonds said: ‘I felt like it was desperation, out of control of what she had just been through… It was too weird a comment to make right after.

“I got really pissed off. It was the first time I saw Jay get up dry, get up and walk out of the kitchen because he couldn’t take it.

Ms. Simmonds and Ms. O’Brien went home, but the witness spoke to Williamson later that evening.

The witness said: “She was concerned about the media attention and the news that was already falling… [Dan and I] had a conversation and I called 101.”

On August 1, Ms Simmonds was called by Williamson about a teddy bear tribute for Logan and asked him to post a message on Facebook.

Ms Simmonds said: “They asked me if I could contact the community and I did.”

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