Lower East Side Federation continues efforts to help Kentucky tornado victims

An Erie organization continues its efforts for the victims of the tornado in Kentucky.

As Christmas Day approaches, one gift people give are donations for the victims of Kentucky who lost everything of their loved ones and their homes in tornadoes.

“We went around and got together with different family members and had a bunch of stuff back and forth. There is shampoo, baby shampoo, wipes, toys, everything is new. said Diane MacDougall, resident of Erie who donated the items.

Many people such as MacDougall have donated these items to workers at the Lower East Side Federation who have continuously received donations over the past two weeks. They say they have received a huge amount of donations.

“We had to fill and mark boxes with diapers, sort of separate them with all the kid stuff, baby wipes and adult toiletries.” said Josue Claudio, vice president of the Lower East Side Federation.

Other people are also helping out, such as the owner of the Butch’s Place family restaurant, Jeffery King, by accepting donations.

“We are trying to raise funds to help these people. They are devastated and they have lost loved ones and it is Christmas. We have a jar next to the cash register and we have already raised $ 600. We have generous clients. said Jeffery King, owner of family restaurant Butch’s Place.

“It’s hard to believe they’re going to go Christmas and the holidays without all of that, so it’s just amazing that you can help them.” Claudio said.

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Lower East Side Federation workers say the truck will leave next week.

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