New York’s Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish May Surprise You

Thanksgiving is approaching and many of you are probably already getting ready for the big meal. Some say it may be the most expensive Thanksgiving yet. Most Americans will feast on turkey or ham on the third Thursday in November. But other than your main course, you’ll need a lot of good sides. Have you ever wondered what Americans’ favorite choice is for a Thanksgiving side dish? According to data from Google, this may not come as a surprise. But when you break it down state to state, NYC’s favorite side might not be the first thing you think of.

The Zippia website used Google Trends to find out exactly what Americans were looking for in food during the month of November. In total, nine states love mashed potatoes, which makes it the top, according to its study. But here in the Empire State, we apparently love our marshmallow sweet potatoes. Yes, that’s what New Yorkers are supposed to achieve, according to Zippia. That has changed since last year, when farce was king here in New York City.

See the whole MAP HERE.

Most of our neighbors have chosen fairly similar choices. Connecticut and Massachusetts love mashed potatoes. For New Jersey, it’s stuffed mushrooms. The Pennsylvanians want their farce. The people of Rhode Island are doing well with their carrots. And the people of Vermont know what’s going on. They love mac and cheese.

Now, the people of Idaho and New Mexico love a simple side salad. for North Dakota, it’s fruit salad. Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama do it the southern way with a pan. Arkansas like white sauce? Is it to put their turkey, or just to shoot in a glass?

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