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Dear nation without a bank,

Tomorrow, Yuga Labs is kicking off the mint for its Otherdeeds metaverse plots, which will be priced at APE$305 each.

These plots will offer holders digital real estate in Yuga’s highly anticipated Otherside adventure, so we’re seemingly on the cusp of the biggest mint event and biggest metaverse project the NFT space has yet seen. .

Unsurprisingly, the arrival of this company has so many implications for our space. How will things evolve and evolve around the NFT ecosystem once the ecosystem on another side of the genesis of the Other Side?

We’ll just have to wait and see, but be prepared because things could get a little crazy over the next few days. Whatever happens, I hope you enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading ✌️


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  • Hisa platform for web3 musicians, reached its first 2k collectors.

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  • JPEG spear its NFT loan protocol.

  • introduced the AbraNFT peer-to-peer NFT lending market.

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