The Top 5 SBA Loans to Help Your Business Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

The SBA offers several different types of loans, but the two most popular are the 7(a) loan and the 504 loan. The 7(a) loan is the SBA’s most common loan and can be used for a variety of purposes, including working capital, equipment, and real estate. The 504 loan is specifically for the purchase of fixed assets, such as real estate or equipment.

Get your sba eidl loan forgiven.

If all requirements for employee retention are satisfied and the money was utilized for approved costs, the loan may be repaid. For a period of three years, keep all loan-related receipts and contracts.

Are you personally liable for sba eidl loan?

Personal guarantees are not necessary for loans under $200,000, but they are required for loans over that sum. Every person or organization that owns 20% or more of the company is required to provide the guarantee.

Are sba eidl loans secured or unsecured?

Eidl loans under $25,000 are regarded as “unsecured” loans and don’t need any security. Over $25,000 in eidl loans will demand collateral. The sba places a general ucc-1 lien on your company to secure the collateral.

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