Top Loan Documents You Need Before Applying

If you’re in the process of taking out a loan, there are a few key documents you’ll need to have in order. Here are the top loan documents you’ll need to provide to your lender.

Getting loan without documents.

Since the lenders already have the kyc information—such as pan, aadhaar, address verification, income information, loan repayment history (in the case of borrowers), etc.—they frequently offer personal loans to their current borrowers or bank account holders without requiring any additional paperwork.

The documents required for loan are.

Documents are necessary

  • Identity documentation (copy of passport, voter id card, license, or aadhaar)
  • Address verification (copies of passport, voter id, driver’s license, or aadhaar)
  • A bank statement for the last three months (passbook of previous 6 months)
  • Two most recent pay stubs/currently dated pay certificates along with the most recent form 16.
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