Wait, was that Oz Konar on the side of that bus?

AAn MTA bus passing the Barclays Center on Brooklyn’s Flatbush Avenue this week featured an advertisement for the Business Lending Blueprint of Oz Konar, a popular lending brokerage school. As brokers increasingly try to take advantage of social media by creating online personas that represent them and their businesses, there certainly seems to be an opportunity to make money by leveraging this image to justify a broker learning platform.

“Not too long ago, I was the one commuting on those buses and subways in New York when I had a job at a company,” Konar said, when asked what it meant for him to have his face on the side of a bus. “I was in New York one day and said we needed to raise awareness of the potential, because I wish someone had given me that opportunity at the time.”

Konar thinks NYC commuters are a great target audience for his business loan plan. “It gets exhausting getting on and off these buses and subways and stuff,” he said. “People are always thinking of ways to improve their lives and their incomes.”

As remote and hybrid work situations have become incentivized tools to attract employees in a labor-short market, the idea of ​​getting a “work-ready company” from a program like Konar’s is an opportunity that many job seekers may find too good to pass up.

And there’s not just one bus that loops around Flatbush Avenue. Konar says his ad is plastered on 250 buses in New York’s five boroughs.

“You’re not going to find out for yourself,” Konar said, when asked how accessible the idea of ​​starting a business focused on small business financing was to the everyday commuter. “Most people don’t even know this industry exists, they don’t think about it. They think of crypto, or an Amazon business, or real estate investing with no down payment, they don’t think of alternative lending. I think that’s the advantage. »

Konar already has quite a large following. His guest appearance on a deBanked live stream last year was one of the most-watched videos on deBanked in 2021, second only to an interview with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.

You can watch Konar’s recent behind-the-scenes interview at Broker Fair 2021 here.

Last modification : February 16, 2022

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