What’s the current top interest rate?

As the Federal Reserve debates whether to raise interest rates again in 2019, Americans remain focused on the interest rates currently applied to their outstanding debt. Credit card holders, in particular, are interested in the Fed’s decision since credit card companies often follow the Fed’s lead on interest rate changes. The average credit card interest rate is currently 17.14 percent.

The current interest rate in zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has a 60% interest rate.
At its monetary policy meeting in february 2022, the reserve bank of zimbabwe chose to maintain its overnight lending rate at 60%.

The current interest rate in nz.

View current mortgage interest rates.

Fluctuating floating Sixty days
Kiwibank 6.00% 5.45%
Bank sbs 6.29% 4.95%
Bank tsb 6.25% 4.89%
Westpac 6.39% 5.35%

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