Why Witcher 3’s side stories beat narratives in other games


With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s Next-gen release slated for mid-2022, fans are eager to replay its vast adventure story experience with its promised technical and visual upgrades. Upon its initial release in May 2015, the third installment of The witcher The series quickly won numerous awards and accolades as well as immense adoration from fans of the series. Along with its main storyline involving Geralt of Rivia and his search for Ciri, the game contains plenty of side quests that offer a more in-depth narrative glimpse into the lore and myth surrounding this hugely popular series.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, based on The witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski, presents a very complex narrative on the whole like a game. As Geralt, a “witcher” endowed with special abilities and traits often enhanced by magic, players navigate through an open world experience in hunting monsters, reversing curses and solving mysteries. The main storyline of the game involves Geralt’s search for Ciri, Emperor Emhyr’s daughter and Geralt’s adopted daughter. However, the game’s many side quests provide players with the opportunity to complete additional and important tales and details regarding other key characters and events in the series surrounding Geralt’s adventurous life as a witcher.

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Worship for The Witcher 3 as a game is rooted in its ability to envelop players in a beloved world and story. Where other adventure style games will have side quests, The Witcher 3 presents players with an enrichment parallel stories which give greater relevance and insight to the main storyline of the game and to Geralt as the protagonist. Most of the secondary stories in The Witcher 3 offer stronger, more thoughtful narratives than the main stories from other games, which is a major reason for the game’s continued popularity and success more than six years after its initial release.

The Witcher 3 side stories give greater depth to the lore of the game

Geralt talks to a distraught Bloody Baron in The Witcher 3

In “A Towerful of Mice”, Geralt goes to help Keira Metz, as she asks Geralt to investigate mysterious circumstances on Fyke’s Island. Having previously interacted with each other in Velen’s exchanges as Geralt searched for Ciri, Keira now tries to hide in the countryside to avoid the witch hunters. The exchange between Geralt and Keira at the start of this quest gives players a better understanding of how politics and magic in The Witcher 3 share a questionable relationship within the series and the game.

The task of relieving Fyke’s Island from its cursed state gives better insight into the ongoing lore of war caused by Nilfgaard’s never-ending campaign to conquer the northern kingdoms. Starving villagers had been slaughtered after traveling to the island to beg for food from Vserad, the reigning lord of the surrounding area. The circumstances described at the start of the quest pull back the curtain to show the dire effects of the Nilfgaard War as it tears apart the northern lands.

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When Geralt goes to this Witcher 3 location, he uses a magic lamp donated by Keira to listen to the souls of the dead, and their tales reveal the true horrors that took place when they desperately besieged the tower. Geralt’s investigation of the tower indicates, “The peasants did not come here to ask nicely,”And discovers that after some peasants found the Vserad already killed, they turned to new targets, his children. The piece-by-piece revealing of integral parts of the narrative demonstrates the greater depth and complexity of the circumstances involved in Geralt’s many adventures and quests.

Geralt’s search in the tower ends when he finds the soul of Annabel, Vserad’s daughter. She informs Geralt that she and her family have retreated to the tower to hide from the ravages of the Nilfgaard War. They weren’t sitting on large reserves of food like the villagers had thought, making the peasant revolt all the more useless, like much of what happens in war and conquest. Where the main stories from other games may obscure the finer details of lore and storytelling, The Witcher 3 side stories give greater description and meaning to the overall story and setting of the game.

Side stories in The Witcher 3 offer deeper insight into mainland society

“Carnal Sins” presents a detective novel in which Geralt in The Witcher 3 meets Hubert Rejk, a coroner from the Bits district. As Rejk helps Geralt understand how a recent dwarf murder victim died in connection with a recent spate of serial murders, he informs Geralt of the many other issues and issues that have befallen society and the people of Novigrad. Through their own revelations of past conflicts, the player is brought further into the inner workings of a society in a way that is not involved in the Nilfgaard War and Geralt’s search for Ciri.

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Later in the quest, more of the serial killer’s victims are revealed to be a mix of the poor, prostitutes, and the wealthy, creating opportunities for Geralt to interact with different facets of Novigrad society. When Geralt catches up with the serial killer, the nature and reasoning behind his murderous behavior is directly linked to his take on how the society of Novigrad is abandoned and ruined. In the eyes of the killer, the social problems affecting Novigrad come from within. While the main stories in other games are often linear, the narrative structure here proves the value of these side stories in imparting greater complexity and dimension to The Witcher 3the world and the society of.

With its next-gen update coming in mid-2022, fans of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can hope to dive back into these rich narratives with better technical performance and better visual quality than in its original version of 2015. With these improvements, replaying these side stories will create a richer experience for players and fans who have long enjoyed their presentation. complex and layered. Main storylines from other games may appear to repeat over the course of a series, but The Witcher 3‘s narrative development shows how to keep an immersive and open world experience fresh and engaging over time.

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