Women earning thousands from pay pigs

  • Women use Twitter to find men who enjoy being insulted and financially exploited.
  • Insider spoke to three women who are turning fetishism into a side hustle to save money.
  • One woman said she used the money to pay medical bills and another to build up savings.

Throwing insults at men turns out to be a lucrative side business for some women seeking financial independence.

A typical day for a woman who takes advantage of fetishism begins by telling her Twitter followers to pay her in a post with a degrading message.

“Rise and shine, my little human ATMs. I know exactly which buttons to press to make you spit out as much money as I want and I do so with a devilish grin,” one message reads, using words- keys like “findom”, “paypig” and “moneyslave”.

A “paying pig” is someone who likes to be humiliated by sending money to women without getting anything in return. The paying pig worships their “findom” – the dominant female – by paying them and getting a gratification from the exchange.

“They want to be laughed at and called pathetic,” says a Chicago find who uses the name Ellie Paige. “It’s a psychological fetish. What could be more humiliating and pathetic than sending money back for nothing? It plays on the way society views men and money.”

Pay pigs approach findoms who post using the term “pay pig” along with photos of themselves. The Findoms generally ask their paying pigs to offer a small tribute. Once they receive this, the “finsub” is asked about their faults and triggers.

Paige joined the subculture at the start of the pandemic in order to build up her savings. “The idea was really intriguing to me and I knew I could be good at it, especially the creativity aspect and being mean to men.”

Paige says she makes an average of $1,500 a week from pigs. “It’s definitely helped me gain financial freedom and I’m enjoying it. I feel like it’s helped me gain so much self-confidence.”

“As a woman, I’m often in situations where I feel helpless and so many things are out of my control, so it’s cathartic for me to take some of my power back through that,” he said. -she adds.

A lot of work goes into creating exposure as a findom and finding paying hogs. Paige spends about four hours a day brainstorming ideas for tweets, taking photos, and messaging people.

“The way I would describe it is like managing social media for a brand and making sure you post great content,” Paige said. “It takes time but it’s interesting because the whole shtick puts on an easy facade for you, but there’s a lot of work behind the scenes to look effortless.”

Paige has a full-time job but works from home and uses the downtime for her side hustle.

Another woman, who uses the pseudonym Findomina Camille, has been an on and off find for two years. “My main goals are to pay very high medical bills and to have the chance to take a trip around the world,” she said.

“Most finsubs [pay pigs] are satisfied with the very act of giving money. I have one I chat with on Snapchat who is a regular customer,” she added.

A find, using the pseudonym of Goddess Mijha, says she engaged in the practice for five years. Mijha has new pigs who seek her attention as well as regulars who pay her whenever she asks.

“What got me started was finding out that one of my best friends worked in the business and started out as a hobby but ended up offering a mortgage for a house,” she said.

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