Women in KC region create secondary turmoil during pandemic

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kansas – Two Kansas City-area women decided to start their new businesses, and despite the difficult times of the pandemic, their businesses have thrived.

Christina Jokerst has spent the past two years perfecting her chocolate chip cookie recipe.

“It went on for two years. I can’t tell you how many times Jeff would come home and there would be dozens and dozens of cookies in the trash and pounds of butter,” Jokerst said. “It became that obsession.”

The mom of three made these treats for special occasions and always received rave reviews. In the midst of a pandemic last year, her husband had an idea.

“He said I’m going to make a website for you and you’re going to try it out,” Jokerst said. “I was like okay fine. We’ll try it out for a few weeks and the rest is history.”

That’s when KCookies was born and business exploded.

Jokerst has over 5,000 subscribers and is expected to host several weddings this year and sell hundreds of cookies each week.

“I try not to make more than 300 to 350 cookies a day,” Jokerst said. “These are pickups. Pop-ups I usually get around 600, sometimes more if we pre-order. “

She needed more space once new orders started to arrive. So she turned her sons’ man cave into a full bakery with ovens and wrappers ready to ship the goodies.

“When I tell you that I took their man cave, I took their man cave. They are still angry,” Jokerst.

Jokerst is not alone.

Kiley Ossello decided to enter an untapped market, bringing the family’s dogs to weddings.

“I decided what I wanted to do was go to a boarding house where someone would have their dog say over the weekend,” Ossello said. “If they had a family member watching the dog over the weekend, I would pick up the dog for the client or for the family member, take them to the wedding venue and I could go take pictures.” , make sure the dog has treats this way they pay attention to the camera. “

She created Lending A Paw after struggling to find someone to bring her dog, Ollie, to her wedding. Even during the pandemic, his business also exploded.

“I have ten clients now which was more than I expected and there will be seven for this very year and three for next year,” said Ossello.

The two women didn’t expect to develop a side business during a pandemic, but they said it was a good way to broaden their horizons and earn some extra cash.

“Get involved, contact people, try it out, see what works,” Jokerst said. “I didn’t think it was going to grow or work like this. You never know.”

KCookies sell for $ 3.50 each, while Lending A Paw packages start at $ 175.

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