Worthplaying | “Phantom Beasts: Redemption” is a new 2.5D side-scrolling shooter

Phantom Beasts: Redemption is a mind blowing 2.5D side scrolling shooter set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic city, controlled by almighty corporations and better still by wandering gangs, deadly mutants … and the strange phenomenon of phantom beasts. These mystical creatures with amazing powers are wild and unpredictable, but they sometimes allow certain people to bond with them, lending them their unique powers to help them survive on the unforgiving streets.

You are one of them trainers – a man known only as Hunter who makes a living by renting a gun on the streets. After his last job turns out to be a traumatic event and a complete mess, this ex-policeman is forced to deal with a traumatic event from his past related to the phantom beast phenomenon.

There is no clear history of its origins, but most people believe these creatures are linked to the most recent nuclear disaster. To fulfill his new mission, Hunter will dive into the most hellish quarters of St. Petersburg and face dangerous mutant giants and other Phantom Beasts trainers, as well as the corporate forces that will try to prevent him from discovering the truth. Fortunately, you have your phantom beasts fighting by your side – but you’ll have to learn to control them even better if you want to survive this …

Be ready to smash heads with your weapon and the help of your new wild companions!

Interested fans can try out a playable demo during Steam Next party

Main characteristics:

  • Fight in a fast and intense pace bloody gun battles …
  • … or customize it by switch to melee slasher combat!
  • Go to the cover page! In your street fights, find shelter, hide and win the backs of your enemies will be essential to survive
  • Immersive dynamic 2.5D environments in a dark neon-lit city
  • Train unique phantom beasts, each with its own unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The stronger your bond with them, the more you will have access to powerful skills!
  • Gain experience for upgrade through a ghost ability skill tree
  • Drop your enemies into the epic bullet time
  • Unleash your rage and trample everything and everyone in an orgy of destruction!
  • Uncover the secrets of St. Petersburg’s cyberpunk dystopia in a intriguing and dark story, where intriguing companies pull all the strings

Phantom Beasts: Redemption is in development for PC (Steam).

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